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Ryan United announces 2012 opening of a Montana guest Ranch

Ryan United, a nonprofit organization based in Helena, Montana, announces the 2012 opening of a Montana guest ranch for siblings and families from around the country who have experienced the loss of a child through abduction and/or murder. Ryan United was created in memory of eight year old Ryan VanLuchene, who was abducted and murdered by a […]

Ryan United backs important DNA law

Every day innocent people needlessly become victims of violent crimes. Most of these are committed by repeat offenders. By passing state legislation that enables law enforcement to collect DNA from felony arrestees, at the same time as fingerprints, your state can catch criminals sooner. That means you can prevent most of these crimes, save more […]

What is DNA Testing?

DNA is the most powerful tool available for identification in forensic investigations. Because of its ability to link physical evidence found at a crime scene to a single person, it is often referred to as a “digital fingerprint.” This method is so precise that it can ensure pinpoint accuracy, down to one in a billion. […]

DNA Databases

DNA databases make it possible for law enforcement crime laboratories to electronically search and compare collected DNA profiles to crime scene evidence. In the United States, the Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) links all local, state, and national databases and contains more than 5 million records. Currently, legislation exists on the federal level and in […]