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Training and Awareness Presentations

Ryan United is committed to providing cutting edge training and awareness resources to Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice Professionals and Community Stakeholders. These engaging training and awareness presentations are designed to inform participants of what they can do to make a difference in the fight to keep children safe and ensure that child predators are prosecuted and monitored properly.

Many of these presentations provide “real world” proven tactics that can be implemented immediately with limited budget through partnerships with existing organizations and resources.

If you would like more information on one of the following training venues in your area, or are interested in other custom awareness projects, please contact us!

Criminal Justice Training

Topics Include:

  • Facts and myths regarding sex offenders
  • Sex offender typology/recidivism
  • Effectively managing high risk offender in the community
  • Missing/Abducted Children- Case Studies
  • Missing/Abducted Children- Response by Law Enforcement and the Community
  • The Connection Between Child Abduction and Sex Offenders
  • Developing a Community Plan for Missing/Abduction Child Response

Community Presentations

  • Sex Offenders in your Back Yard
    This training covers the facts and myths regarding sex offenders. Additional emphasis is placed on identifying the offenders that need the closest supervision. Utilizing case studies, along with a comprehensive look on proven plans, this training provides tools communities can implement to gain vigilance in the fight against child predators.
  • RU Safe Communities™- The RU SAFE Communities program will bring together the resources that will assist in the safety of communities.  Working with local law enforcement, corrections officials and community leaders, Ryan United conducts a “town hall style” meeting which addresses safety concerns within the specific community. In addition, Ryan United provides valuble “take aways” from each seminar, which attendees can use long afte the RU SAFE Comunities session is over.  Ryan United has been instrumental in formaing RU SAFE Community Teams in several states, which continue the Ryan United mission by addressing safety concerns within the community.

    RU Safe Schools™  Provides teachers, school staff and administrators training about the facts and myths of sex offenders.  This training will also assist school officials with identifying potential child victims within their schools.

    RU Safe Business Recognition™- Ryan United recognizes businesses that make the extra effort to ensure that their communities are safe.  Ryan United will provide resources and training for businesses who take a leading role in promoting and incorporating RU Safe programs in their communities

    RISK FREE™ Program-Realtors Invested in the Safety of Kids through Family Resource Empowerment Education- (RISK FREE™) – is designed to give realtors the tools to educate themselves and their clients about issues surrounding safety. These cutting edge tools will be provided to realtors in a “kit” form for distribution to their clients.  Realtors will be able to provide new home owners with safety and awareness information that will include:
    ·  Child safety
    ·  Home Safety
    ·  Online Safety

Legislative Assistance

  • Ryan United is recognized as a results oriented partner when it comes to legislative issues regarding sex offenders. By providing a compelling and very personal look at the importance of managing sex offenders, Ryan United causes law makers and participants to become motivated to want to make a difference when it comes to the prosecution and management of sex offenders. Having a proven history of actual legislative changes, Ryan United can help pave the way and provide direction on how to get your process moving.

Key Note Addresses

  • This presentation is always conducted by Derek VanLuchene. Derek has a unique perspective as a family member of the victim and also a law enforcement officer involved in the fight against child predators. During this presentation, participants will hear the tragic story of the abduction and murder of Ryan VanLuchene on August 31, 1987, by a repeat sex offender. Participants will realize how far we have come since then to strengthen laws and streamline the management of sex offenders. In addition, they will realize that there are many things left to do in order to protect our children from these predators. Mostly, they will take with them a renewed sense of direction when it comes doing their jobs and the realization of how important each individual is in this fight for the protection of our children.

Victim Assistance-Ryan United will provide support to victims by:

  • Acting as a liaison between the victim/victim family and Law Enforcement. Ryan United has a special understanding of both perspectives and has been instrumental in helping families understand the investigative and criminal justice process. Ryan United also assists Law Enforcement with realizing the importance of communication with the victim or victim families.
  • Case Review- Assisting families with finding missing loved ones by rejuvenating cold cases, providing case analysis, insight and resources.

Ryan United is Proud to Partner With

OffenderWatch Initiative (OWI)

OffenderWatch Initiative (OWI) is a national 501(C)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to increase public awareness of registered sex offenders through education, community notification, and better relations between the public and law enforcement. OWI works on both local and national levels with school boards and law enforcement to help institute the “Teaching Awareness to School Kids” program. Through T.A.S.K., school children become more vigilant about offenders near them while engaging their parents in the education process. OWI also mails millions of community notification postcards nationwide every year alerting citizens of sex offenders living in their neighborhoods.

Finding Molly Bish
Devoted to the promotion of child safety through education and prevention efforts.

Project Safe Childhood
Combat the increase of sexual predators using the Internet to entice and sexually exploit our children.

The Innocent Justice Foundation
The Innocent Justice Foundation leverages high technology solutions to help rescue millions of American children who are being sexually abused and prevent future abuse.

Amber Alert Initiative
The mission of the AMBER Alert program is to develop and coordinate the efforts of law enforcement, transportation, and the media to increase public participation in safely recovering abducted children through targeted education, increased communication, and effective sharing of resources.

KidsBeSafeOnline LLC
Our mission is to promote parental awareness in providing parents with resources, best practices and tools to help them aid in protecting their children online.

CyberHood Watch

The CyberHood Watch is an online digital community of responsible cybercitizens. The digital gap between Children, Home, Work, and narrowing that gap is doable. Empowering the community, maintaining a safe online life-style, & enjoying the Internet safely are a primary focus for Dave & Bill

Kelsey Smith Foundation
To honor and perpetuate the life of Kelsey Smith by empowering families, friends, and communities to proactively protect one of its most precious resources, namely its youth and young adults…

SMART Office
Office of Justice Programs

Shield Genie
Parental Control Software