Ryan United Adds Forensic Certified Physician to the Team

Ryan United is very proud to announce the addition of John Bradberry, MD, who will serve as the volunteer Medical Director for the non-profit. Dr. Bradberry co-owns multiple urgent Care facilities in the Atlanta area. Previously, he served for seven years as medical director for Carnival Cruise Lines. As medical director he managed all clinical and administrative aspects of the Department of Medical Services both shore-side and ship-board. Prior to his appointment as medical director, he worked for seven years as a cruise ship physician proceeded by eleven years as a shore-side emergency trauma physician. Dr. Bradberry volunteered for the U.S. Navy Reserves as a medical officer where he achieved the rank of Commander. He was affiliated with a combat ready battalion of the Navy “Seabees” and was cited by the Deputy Surgeon General as an example of a reserve medical officer willing to go above and beyond to serve his country.  Before pursuing his medical career, Dr Bradberry served as a full time commissioned federal law enforcement officer from 1977 to 1981. Dr. Bradberry is double board certified in the specialties of emergency medicine and family medicine. He is additionally qualified as a certified forensic physician (CFP) and medical review officer (MRO).  Dr. Bradberry is also a current member of Board of Directors of Alpharetta Department of Public Safety Foundation in the Atlanta area.

Because of his experience and qualifications, he frequently serves as a litigation medical-legal expert witness. He has also personally handled multiple child abuse cases during his medical career including receiving a letter of commendation from the Florida Board of Medicine for his management of a child abuse homicide cases.

“We are very excited about Dr. Bradberry’s addition to Ryan United”, said Derek VanLuchene,  President and Founder of Ryan United.  “He brings an amazing perspective and set of skills which will be used to help the crime victims and communities we serve.” VanLuchene added.   According to VanLuchene, Dr. Bradberry will be consulting on cases involving child abuse and serve as an immediate resource for law enforcement or medical personnel who are responding to and investigating allegations of child sexual or physical abuse.  “ Ryan United often receives calls from law enforcement, child protection professionals and prosecutors for assistance in these horrific cases.  Having a medical-legal perspective will really help round out our response”, said VanLuchene. “He’ll be there for us 24/7” VanLuchene said of Bradberry.

In addition to being a resource for law enforcement and victims, Bradberry will assist with the development and delivery of a unique training for Law Enforcement and medical responders. The training will focus on bridging gaps between the professions for seamless investigations and prosecutions of crimes against children.