What Folks are saying about Ryan United:

Ryan United has provided valuable information to the community of Lewis and Clark County and the State of Montana. Ryan united has helped provide training for deputies and officers to respond to the immediate area of a missing child. We are grateful to have this resource so close and appreciate the continued help that Derek brings to us. Ryan United has provided training to deputies across the state of Montana through programs sponsored by the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association- Sheriff Leo Dutton-Lewis and Clark County Sheriff, Helena, Montana.


Ryan United has been instrumental in facilitating the training of our first responders and investigators on best practices in sex offender crimes.  Through the organization, Iowa peace officers, corrections staff, administrators and attorneys have learned more about the most efficient use of resources in abduction response, criminal investigations and sex offender management.  Ryan United has been a reliable ally to law enforcement in this state and we would highly recommend this training program to any community with the mission of public safety and protection. Terry Cowman, Executive Officer Iowa Department of Public Safety


My child was 7 at the time she disclosed her father had molested her. I had been dealing with the uncooperative county attorney’s office. I was frustrated and had no idea what my options or rights were. Derek sat down with me, and helped me understand what my rights were and how you could help. It was only then when we were able to stop feeling like victims, and start taking back control. Thank you for helping me write the victims statement I read at the sentencing hearing. Thank you for being there to listen and being a liaison between my family and law enforcement. I appreciate the time you took with my family and for being an advocate who truly cares about the community and each individual in it. Myra K., Mother of a child victim


“Ryan United has been a great friend and ally to the New Jersey Sex Crimes Officers Association (njscoa.com).  Through his commitment and expertise Derek has educated and trained members of our Association on the dynamics of sex offenders and the importance of precise actions needed to be taken by law enforcement in cases of missing persons.  Ryan United is a true testament to the love and dedication of one brother to another.”  Sgt. Chonda Rosario, NJSCOA Executive Board and Hudson County Prosecutor’s Office (NJ)


I am a victim of rape.  I learned of Ryan United a few years ago, referred by a friend.  At that time it looked like the Parole board would grant parole to the animal that raped me and left me for dead. Ryan United stepped in and did some things that prevented it.  Last year the guilty party was granted parole and is back living in my same town.  Again, Ryan United was on my side helping me to get information and protection. This took a lot of time and effort on Derek’s part and I appreciate him so VERY much for all his help and hard work.  I also appreciate that Derek checks in on me to see how I am doing. Ellen McMaster-Clausen, rape survivor

My first encounter with Ryan United was in 2012. I had just received a letter stating that the offender in prison was up for a parole hearing at the end of the month and this was not easy to hear as it had come so quickly it felt. Derek shared exactly what my rights were to this hearing, what to expect to happen, and how my statement could truly be the difference between parole and remaining in prison. I faced my fears, wrote my statement on paper, and drove 2 hours away on Halloween to fight to keep him in prison. My children were still in therapy, my family still picking up pieces. I begged for more time, asked for more of the security and peace of mind prison offered my family. The parole board heard me and denied parole.
In January 2014 another hearing, this time I had a brand new baby and was unable to attend but I felt confident in the words from Ryan United previously that my words matter. I wrote a letter and sent it to the parole board. He was granted parole upon completion of some things. I was shattered. Did I decide wrong to not go to the hearing? Would my personal appearance and words have been stronger than a letter? I reached out again to Ryan United wanting to understand what these conditions meant. Wanting to know if I could have done anything more to keep him in prison. And again I was offered support and explanations. Derek also made phone calls to find out exactly what he had to accomplish to be released so that I knew exact details. And then the wait began for him to complete these items.
Pardons and Parole told me month after month to call the next month for an update on his progress but every month I got told “we don’t really know call next month”. I had talked to Derek a few times through the months basically to tell him that he hadn’t gone to boot camp yet and they didn’t really know anything as to why he hadn’t gone or when he was going.
July 2015 I am at work and my phone rings. It was VINE and the recording stated something that is a blur of my emotions as all I managed to do was write down the phone number they said to call. I was then passed around to a few different people only to be informed that he had been released hours before I even received notification. I was so lost and so confused as to how this could occur with no notification, knowing that in June I had been told that he had still done none of the things that were required. I emailed Ryan United begging for guidance as to who to contact for answers and understanding. Instead of being given a phone number to call I was told that he would make some calls for me and help me understand how and why this happened.
He was granted a hearing that I was not notified of at which his terms of release were revised to allow him to be released without ever attending boot camp or the release program. This change of terms was also never provided to me. And then he was released hours before I was notified.
I was provided with inaccurate contact information for the state he was released to. Again Ryan United searched out the appropriate contact information.
5 weeks after release he was still not on the sex offender registry. I reached out to his parole agent. No answers. So I again reached out to Ryan United and without a moment’s hesitation Derek promised to find answers. Before answers came unprofessional officials that I am so thankful he saved me from speaking to. After weeks of no answers I opted to again call the Parole Agent and was met with rude and abrasive non answers. So I then opted to reach out to the US Marshals and Megan’s Law Registry of California directly and received very quick response from US Marshals which I excitedly forwarded to Ryan United and again Derek took the lead and worked through the logistics. Finally the reason for the lack of visible registration was found and Derek got the proper County Attorney in Montana to get the information where it was needed with such speed I was left in awe.
Every moment of my journey Ryan United has offered heartfelt support and action whenever it was needed. I appreciate the support more than words can ever express. Thank you Ryan United for the support you have offered my family in the dark moments that we were left supportless and answerless. You were not afraid to search for the answers. You were willing to make the calls. And most of all willing to hear a mother out. Mother of two child sexual abuse victims